Synthetical Landscapes Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

"Synthetical Landscapes", an exhibition curated by Gunther Dietrich from Photo Edition Berlin, shows us three different artistic positions addressing the subject of landscapes, each one by a different approach:

The Spanish photography artist Joan Fontcuberta is using sophisticated "open source" software that was originally created by American military laboratories to turn topographic maps into hyperrealistic landscape views. Fontcuberta is using the technology as anartistic tool to generate images of unseen territories based on existing photographs, paintings and drawings of different cultural sources.

The German artist Nikolaus von Wolff takes travel photographs as a source for appropriative visual compositions. Adopting the artistic technique of the "ecriture automatique" he decodes the simple photographs to re-reflect the significance of the explored environment in generative landscapes.

In his series "Memory City" the Chinese photographer Sun Ji re-arranges images of already demolished urban buildings. By this he creates mashups of already historic urban sites which turn into fictional city landscapes.

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