Photography's Poet Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

Ozan Sağdıç, who picked up his first camera in 1953, presents us with a poetic selection of his work encompassing 60 years behind the camera lens. Armed with a keen and intellectual eye, Ozan Sağdıç, observing the details of daily life, constructs an ironic and endearing visual language with his innate ability to capture the moments that escapes us during the rush of life. His time spent as a photojournalist at Hayat Magazine adds a documentary element to his photographic work allowing it to feature as visual notes in our history of photography. Sağdıç's superb ability to portray to us not only the decisive moment but with a twist the irony of the moment itself creates a style that is continuously new and fresh. Sharing this retrospective of one of Turkish photography's most influential figures is an important milestone for the history of Istanbul Photography Museum.