Imaginals Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

Stéphane Herbert's photographs in the "Imaginals" exhibition take you to a photographic journey among different lives and cultures. The jolly of color and light in the photographs enables us to forcefully perceive the beliefs, daily life rhythms and rituals of various cultures.

"Travellers with cameras" produce a significant number of visual images since the invention of photography. These photographs usually cannot go beyond being mere "memories". The moments that Stéphane Herbert has witnessed for 25 years in various places in the world and those instances that he invites us to see manages to avoid the risk of "touristic gaze" thanks to the photographer's "artistic gaze".

The artist has not yet finalized his long-term project which "aims to change our views of the West and the East". This exhibition is only one of the intervals of this radiant project.

The artist who visited Istanbul at the age of 18 as a young lad drawn to the desire of photography is paying his "loyalty duty" to Istanbul and Turkey with this exhibition displayed in Istanbul Photography Museum. Istanbul Photography Museum thanks Stéphane Herbert for sharing this festival of light and colors with us.

Cengiz Kahraman - Curator

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