"At First Sight…" Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

Sevmek Zamanı (Time to Love) is a 1965 Turkish drama film, produced, co-written and directed by Metin Erksan, featuring Müşfik Kenter as a poor painter who falls in love with a photograph of a woman while at work in one of the massive villas on Istanbul's Princes' Islands. Istanbul Photography Museum is hosting a special exhibition called "At First Sight, I Fell In Love With Your Photograph" consisting of stills from the set of Sevmek Zamanı in celebration of the international day of love, Valentine's Day.

Metin Erksan with his unique sense of lyrical and aesthetic filmmaking skills draws inspiration from the Eastern tradition of 'falling in love with an image' and combining it with the 'rich girl, poor boy' concept to create a whole new look at a classic plotline.

The photographs were taken by Metin Erksan and his uncle the late Mengü Yeğin (1935 – 1993); the film's director of photography. Enjoy the show.

Cengiz Kahraman - Curator

Sevmek Zamanı (Time to Love)
Director, Screenwriter and Producer: Metin Erksan
Director of Photography: Mengü Yeğin
Year of Production: 1965
Cast: Müşfik Kenter, Sema Özcan, Süleyman Tekcan, Oya Bulaner, Fadıl Garan, Adnan Uygur, Deniz Çakır, Osman Karahan, Mehmet Umar, Ayben Erkmen, Abdullah Demiryan.

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