Caught My Eye Exhibition

Several curious people taking photos as a hobby push the trigger to keep their memories, save and share the beauties they see. Millions of photos taken as amateur mostly don’t mind the art. Few amateurs who took their hobbies to artistic level contribute to art. Emin Hakarar, started taking photos as a hobby but in a short time he opened exhibitions and published his photos in various journals and calendars and reached an artistic level.

His photograph named "A Night in Antalya" was rewarded with grand prize in "The Best 4 Photos of the Year" contest held by Hayat Journal in 1968. His prize was to open an exhibition and he took his photos in to the exhibition taken with Leica camera and named the exhibition "What Leica Brought Me".

His first abroad exhibition named "Turkey with Photos" was opened in Sydney, Australia in December 1977 organized by Ministry of Tourism and Presentation Sydney Consultancy.

Emin Hakarar, turned his amateur excitement and interest into a competent artistic identity by adding the memories he experienced in his travels to Anatolia to the nature beauties he watched with admire in Antalya where he lived for long. His amateur photograph passion made him win several prizes, perform individual and group exhibitions and most importantly gain great friendship in years.

"Caught My Eye'', the name of his fourth individual exhibition opened in Turkish-French Culture Center, Ankara in 1970 underlines both his modest attitude and the life scenes he witnessed. So, we thought this name fits Emin Hakarar`s retrospective exhibition.

His passion to take photos started in 1963 and continued with enthusiasm till his passing away on 14 February 2014. We respectfully memorialize Emin Hakarar with this exhibition. We would like to thank Emin Hakarar’s daughter Elif Hakarar Kızılkaya and his son-in-law Barış Kızılkaya on behalf of our museum and art lovers for sharing "Caught My Eye'' from his 51 years of photographic adventure.

Curator: Cengiz Kahraman

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