Railway Stories Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

Photographs turn into stories when a photographer's memories and the way he/she expresses a subject come across "the moment". Sometimes photographs give audiences the opportunity of forming their own stories. The value of an art piece can also be measured whether or not it has this feature.

In "Railway Stories", photographer Serkant Hekimci shares his stories about the trains, railways and stations that he has been collecting since his childhood. The trains, stations, rails and the people transform into a story containing cinematic elements unfolding on Hekimci's view finder. Hekimci pre-studied the places and views as he reflected these photographic stories into a living project. He specifically shot during the winter to capture the season's soft natural light.

Serkant Hekimci started this project in the Halkalı - Sirkeci train line between 2007 and 2009 and completed it in Russia between 2012 and 2013. He opens his first exhibition at Istanbul Photography Museum. We would like to thank him for sharing the parallel aspects of railways from two different countries and opening our eyes to wonderful stories and more.

Cengiz Kahraman - Curator

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