Press Photographers – Out in the Cold

(Past Exhibition)

Due to Roger Fenton's (1819 – 1869) photographs of the Crimean War (1853 – 1856), he is widely considered the world's first war photographer. He returned to London in July, in a miserable state having caught cholera and bringing back with him 360 photographs taken in the harshest conditions during the war. There are many photographers who die, are injured or taken prisoner alongside journalists while covering wars. One of the world's most important war photographers, Robert Capa, was killed by stepping on a landmine whilst accompanying the French Regiment alongside two Time-Life journalists in Vietnam on the 25th of May, 1954.

On the 26th of January, 1963, Hürriyet Newspaper's reporter Yüksel Kasapbaşı, photographer Abidin Behpur and driver Yüksel Öztürk were all frozen to death as they attempted to reach the location where a train had plunged into the snow in Thrace. There are many similar stories in the history of press and war photography, from Fenton's time till the present. It is more than likely that these unfortunate stories will continue in the future all around the world. Press photographers, in addition to witnessing and documenting social events, are also the visual history authors of the ever-changing social lives of people as time passes by.

A good photograph can affect and impact us more than an event or story conveyed by hundreds of words. The photographs taken during the American Civil War showed people for the first time the true terrifying face of war and helped them comprehend the tragedy caused on battlefields. Aside from capturing true events from history, photography is an essential tool in keeping the social memory of humans alive.

In this selection of photographs, the photographers have either risked their lives or used the skills of their profession to capture small cross-sections from the world they are showing us. Both newspaper and magazine press photographers will never give up "writing with their cameras" no matter how long they are out in the cold!

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