"Contemplating Jazz" Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

The formation of photographic archives began with the intersection of ongoing interest towards both photography and Jazz music.

Over the years, the unconditional support supplied by Jazz music venue owners to photographers was a major factor in the development of photography archives.

The "Istanbul International Jazz Festival" held annually during July has become a staple event of this city. The fact that UNESCO's "International Jazz Day" was hosted this year in Istanbul on April 30th marks 2013 as a special year for Jazz in Turkey. Istanbul Photography Museum joins in celebrating Jazz with this exhibition.

"You can photograph a musician and the outcome will just be a photograph of the musician at a particular instant. Whilst performing on stage, the musician cannot pose for photographers. The photographer has to capture his/her photograph from the performer onstage on his/her own. This can only occur if the photographer listens to the music and anticipates the musician's mimics capturing what is known as the moment. This is where two different fields intersect. This makes the photograph special."

Sedal & Sedat Antay

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